The images on this website are only a small selection from each of the series. Generally, each series is only a part of our photographers larger portfolio. Please contact us if you would like to request further images from a particular series or to view their portfolio. Images can be provided in either print or digital format.

'Flower Seller, 1959' by John Claridge John Claridge Pagan (now Bagan), Burma by Robin Hanbury-Tenison. Robin Hanbury-Tenison
Northern Sunsets #1 by Se�n Hillen. Seán Hillen The Cylinder from 'After Vermeer' by Paul Kilsby Paul Kilsby
Waste of Love by Helen Lyon Helen Lyôn Dolor, from the series titled Contrastes by José Marti José Marti
Man In A Zoot Suit, Great Western Road 1968 by Charlie Phillips Charlie Phillips Canyon Nude by Karin Rosenthal